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Panamerican Leveling Center believes any student is capable of achieving his/her higher academic goals. Through personalized attention PLC provide children with individual strategies to help them focus and improve any weakness area that slows their learning. 


The support our students receive from the PLC program is beneficial to their emotional and academic development. The benefits seen in children from kinder through 12th grade come with constant communication and help from our school counselors and teachers.


The PLC includes 3 programs: 


PLP is to level out students in specific subjects, its note is worth 20% of the specific subject. We work with the students 2 or 3 times per week, during that subject's scheduled time. 


ESL and SSL are to help students whose leveling out requires more intensive attention. Working with the students 5 hours per week, the PLC teacher will be grading the students in English Language Art or in the Spanish language Arts.

Our services include classroom visits and meetings with the school's multidisciplinary team. 


To attend PLC, students must first be referred to PLC by their classroom teacher following class observations and evaluations. New students attending our school and need reinforcement may be referred to PLC.

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