Actividades de Servicio Social
Environmental Brigades and the Collection of El Diario de Hoy´s magazine, Guanaquín, are two of the most important projects our 10th graders are assigned this school year in order to attain the social hours required by Ministerio de Educación.
Throughout these two activities our students will remain on school grounds, supervised by their Social Service coordinator, Ms. Claudia Castillo de Sánchez, who has the experience to successfully conduct these important projects.
Children need and deserve healthy food.
Our school Cafeteria permanently seeks to provide a well balanced meal program for all students and school community.
Each day, our students choose from options of fruits, vegetables, lean protein and carbohydrate during recess and lunchtime.
Escuela Panamericana believes nutritious, healthy meals enable our students to focus and maximize their potential, at home and at school. Healthy food equals better health, better behavior, better grades.
Visita de las universidades
Clase de música
Escuela Panamericana cultivates music education, beginning during early childhood.
Children are first introduced to music through movement, singing and the playing of musical instruments.
Music class contributes in the development of symbolic thinking, coordination and social interaction, as well as reinforcing the child’s vocabulary and reading skills.
Throughout the school year, students have the opportunity to perform in various musical performances for parents and family members.
Clase de valores
Value education is an important part of our school weekly curriculum. Students learn through fun, entertaining and practical activities the different values that will enrich and build their character and enhance their emotional learning. Escuela Panamericana supports and believes in the importance of developing student`s responsibilities, social skills,and well being while they coexist each day with their school community, friends or family members.
ISSE( International School to School Experience) is a student exchange program, designed for all students around the world, between the ages of 10 and 12 years old, with the main purpose to learn first hand the traditions, ideas, thoughts of other countries.

The ISSE program offers a unique international and cultural experience with other fellow friends and in representation of Escuela Panamericana.
Leer, aprender y meditar
Reading is fun, and when there is the time and place to do it, learning is easier!
Providing a reflexive, analytic thought, comprehensive and reading skills for each student, will contribute in their academic success. Kids have access to our school library, media room, computers and all types of reading topics.
Juegos infantiles
Clean air, a beautiful pine forest, open and spacious area is what our students experience during their play time. Adequate playground campus stimulating each developing stage of children.
Educación física
From primary to secondary grades, physical education is a mandatory class, providing throughout school year the practice of different kind of sports. Students acknowledge the importance of physical activities for health, challenge, self expression and social interaction.
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